About Cupu

Kopu has been a major online seller of garden items and Christmas items for years. We have been active in online sales since 2009 and have put together collections ourselves since 2013 based on our experience and customer information. We buy directly from factories and wholesalers and can therefore offer at a competitive price.

Which products does Kopu supply?

For the garden we supply a wide range of high-quality garden cushions, parasols and parasol accessories.

In the winter period you can come to us for Christmas items such as high-quality and beautiful artificial Christmas trees and plastic and glass Christmas baubles.

Why do you order from us

  • We deliver from our own stock
  • Free shipping from € 39
  • Good product information and images, so that you know what you are buying
  • Return without complaining: You have a 30-day return period
  • Because we order from the source, all our items are competitively priced!
  • We are available to answer your questions via e-mail or telephone.

Our philosophy

Make sure you have handled the products yourself so that it is clear what the advantages and disadvantages are. And perhaps even more importantly, give customers the care and contact options that you also want when you order something online. And it can always happen; Something goes wrong. That may be on delivery, or something may break when you are using it, but then we try to work it out together. That's what we stand for.